Trumpet typical South Africa, vuvuzela, re-drawn protests. This time, the criticism comes from the Argentine goalkeeper, Sergio was Romero. The keeper rate was the cause vuvuzela Martin Demichelis make mistakes so that the team “Tango” conceded against South Korea in World Cup group stage on Thursday (17/06/2010). 

In that game, scored only South Korean puppets created by Lee Chung-yong in the 45th minute. Gol-yong Chung created after successfully exploit a fatal mistake made by Demichelis. Lucky mistake that does not make “Albiceleste” losing points. On the contrary, Tango teams managed to close the match with 4-1 victories.

Romero assess these goals should not happen when communication in the field current. According to him, screeching antarpemain vuvuzela to disturb the communication in the field.
“When you talk, others can not hear. I have cried to the two players we survive, but they did not hear him.”
“Also at this time to get the ball defender, I was just looking at them. Then I apologized and said that I did not hear them.”

Vuvuzela a buzzing sound like bees are kept drawn criticism, both from players and coaches. Recently the Portuguese player, Cristiano Ronaldo, says the voice vuvuzela make players on the field concentration becomes broken.

Despite continued criticism beaten, Fifa president Sepp Blatter refused to ban use vuvuzela by the audience. “To answer all your complaints about the vuvuzela, I have said that Africa had a rhythm and his own voice. It can not be banned traditional music in his own country. Are you going to ban the traditional music in your country?” Blatter said at the time


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