Do you have any idea about webmaster? In this era of modern communications technology, having a job as a webmaster can be a consideration. ‘A webmaster’ can literally be defined as an expert in the field of webbing. A webmaster is a person who not only creates, but also maintains a website. In maintaining a website, a webmaster needs to update all information as well as the profile of the company or the organisation which belongs to the site.

A webmaster has to master at least one of the four subdivisions, namely web designing, graphic designing, web development, and web content editing. The expert in the first division is called a web designer. He or she needs to design a website and be knowledgeable, at least, about Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) coding. In the graphic designing part, a graphic designer designs the lay-out and creates an attractive image. 

However, a graphic designer may not always be a web designer. A web developer is an expert in the web  develop-ment. He or she creates the website’s programmes and deals with the input and the process. He or she needs to know a programming language like ASP. A web content editor is the one whose job is to provide information about the site. An editor does not need to be technologically literate, but to have know-ledge about sentence structure. Although the job can be divided into several parts, a webmaster might work individually or in a team, depending on the website’s scope.

To be a webmaster, you do not have to major in computer science. If you have a relevant educational background, it will be a plus for you. However, the main thing is that you are eager to learn. You can provide yourself with an internet connected computer, take appropriate courses, and start practising by creating a personal homepage. After that, you can gain a lot of advantages from it. So, are you ready to be a webmaster? Prepare yourself now

C’nS magazine, Vol.2 No.9


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