>The Last Battle Netherlands Vs Spain


More than half a century Spain does not track the four major World Cup. As a long-term fasting was over, then the day becomes a beautiful moment for Spanish soccer. The last time Spain competing in the four major place in the World Cup in 1950. When the four countries pitted contestants in a group system in which the champion and runnerup entitled to the final ticket.Matador team inhabiting the caretaker position, under the Uruguay, Brazil, and Sweden. Telno Zarra et al. recorded a 2-2 draw when faced with Uruguay, losing 1-4 1-3 to Brazil and from Sweden. 

Now 60 years after the World Cup in Brazil, Spain again kicked the last four. Certainty is obtained after defeat Paraguay, Sunday (04/07/2010) pm 

Big name with a myriad of world-class players is not always guaranteed to be successful in the World Cup. That’s what happened in Spain. La Roja troops so far is always experiencing a serious problem to be a champion at the World Cup party. The best achievement of Spain in this tournament was only up to number four only. IBHS occurred in 1950 World Cup in Brazil.Now armed with the European champions in 2008, is psychologically Spain has great confidence to make history at the World Cup. 

There’s not much considering the Spanish national team during World Cup mat four years ago.But after becoming the champion of Euro 2008, La Furia Roja, Spanish surname, the team transformed from the Black Horse becomes a favorite team win the World Cup in 2010. Success two years ago in Switzerland / Austria has broken the curse of the quarter-finals. 
Bermaterikan row of the world’s top young players, the team now Vicente del Bosque diarsiteki This would appear to predict an explosive to destroy their opponents in South Africa in 2010. 

Del Bosque who fills the position coach since 2008 vowed to continue the success of Aragones.Del Bosque has so far brought his troops to seize incised impressive record 22 victories from 23 parties that dilakoni La Furia Roja. Including a clean sweep victory in 10 World Cup qualifiers in 2010. The only defeat felt by Spain under the leadership of Del Bosque when bent United States 0-2 in the Confederations Cup last year. 

This 59-year-old coach has a different leadership style with Aragones. Del Bosque is more fatherly and explore the best talents skuatnya. In South Africa the most populated team Real Madrid and Barcelona are aiming for at least qualify for the semi-finals. “We realize the World Cup could be our moment and seize the championship title. But we must be careful and entered this tournament with humility, “said the creator of attacks, Xavi. 

Continuing the great success in Austria-Siwss, La Roja squad to qualify for 2010 World Cup final with a perfect score of 10 matches. This fantastic record tarnished by the failure of Spain won the Confederations Cup in 2009 after the United States was defeated in the semifinals. 

There are still two rounds left to go through the Euro 2008 championship to be able to fulfill their dream to be king of the world. But the success of fasting to end six decades of this deserves to be celebrated. “There is no small achievement. The whole team played great. With all the qualities we have, I believe we can go further, “said the captain Iker Casillas 

In the Spanish camp, determined to repeat his success at Euro 2008 Spain is still the motivation. However, La Furia Roja are often blocked when the teams meet to play defensive or defensive when meeting face-take the example of Switzerland in the group phase and against Paraguay in the quarterfinals. Fuss, the German defense was also solid-solid. 

Strength Spain 

    * Spain is one of the special teams. The team who now inhabit the top of FIFA rankings are always served good football game with short passes that attractive. 

    * Viewed in terms of material players, Spain has plenty of natural footballer with exceptional talent. The whole line has a relatively uniform strength and balance. Therefore, the quality of both teams were not much different from the main team. 

    * The team will be led by Iker Casillas. One of the best goalkeepers the world has a very good reflexes so as often perform rescue brilliant. 

    * Heart Spanish defense will be commanded by Carlos Puyol. Barcelona defender is known for its discipline and tenacity in keeping opposing players. With Joan Capdevila, Sergio Ramos and Carlos Marchena will be transformed into an impenetrable fortress opponent. 

    * In the midfield, a series of Spanish have the world’s best midfielders. Xavi, Andres Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, David Silva and Marcos Senna is ready to supply the ball into the front row. While the striker position will be filled by the deadly duo David Villa and Fernando Torres has always been a nightmare opponent. 

    * The experience of coach Vicente del Bosque in football has been recognized by the whole world. Del Bosque has led Real Madrid won everything at club level. During 1999-2003 under the care, El Real won seven championship titles. 

    * Supported by a player with quality materials topnotch, Del Bosque is expected to continue the achievements Luis Aragones who brought Spain into the European champion, by winning the World Cup in 2010. 

    * An aggressive style of game, without fail demonstrating good football into a force of Spain.Ability of the players are also almost evenly in all sectors so that no excess to make this team deserved underdog. Spanish team would have two problems when it comes to South Africa later; strategy that must be flexible to play and how to deal with opponents who may be playing dirty. 

Star players who will bring the Spanish champion of World Cup 

    * Gerard Pique (Barcelona) He became a mainstay in the Barcelona squad. Armed with a tall posture, speed, and has a very good sense of play has made him as one of the best defender in the world today. 

    * Xavi Hernández (Barcelona) Barcelona star has become the most important figure in the squad Del Bosque. With only one or two touch, he can provide a very important role for his colleagues. 

    * Fernando Torres (Liverpool) He not only has the ability to create a line off the back of the opponent, but also very intelligent interrogate every defender hadangan lawan.Berbeda with David Villa who only existed as a pure striker, El Nino can also give resistance to the opponent and the defender memberikan Villa space enough make goals. In the first match, Fernando Torres became one of the emergency change, but he failed to save Spain from the defeat. Now, Torres will be a duet with David Villa, as when at Euro 2008. Both are the best duo in the world. 

    * David Villa: He scored a sensational goal to Honduras, and many send the bait into the penalty box. His ability to tear her opponent’s goal dubbed one of the best strikers on earth today. Chilean Defence confirmed the hard work to stop hanging around and shooting from inside the penalty box. 

Hope Spain was again linked with David Villa. This 28-year-old attacker scored five of the six goals ‘Team Matador’ in this tournament. However, this also proves that the squad landing Vicente Del Bosque a little too dependent on Villa. What if the last defender, the defender of Germany also successfully shut down the movement of Villa? 

David Villa may be a hero thanks to a goal scored solo Paraguay. However, the presence of Cesc Fabregas in the field no less meaningful for Spain. Not like the Villa, which is always played in all five games that have been dilakoni Spain, Fabregas the chance to play a little more. He’s only played three times for a total time of 93 minutes, it was mostly as a substitute. 

Position in the starting eleven Spanish midfielder was always occupied by Xavi Hernandez, Andres Iniesta, Xabi Alonso and Sergio Busquets. As a result, the Arsenal captain had to be pulled over to the bench. But, that does not mean the presence of Fabregas was not crucial. At least this is seen in a game against Paraguay on Sunday (07/04/2010) pm dawn. Fabregas went on 56 minutes to replace Fernando Torres, who again has not appeared in his best form. 
Iker Casillas played a major role to take Spain into the semi-finals of the World Cup in 2010 with a holding penalty Paraguay. 
What’s the recipe? It turned out that thanks to advice from Pepe Reina. Cardozo a sliding kick towards the bottom left side of Casillas successfully guessed by Real Madrid’s goalkeeper. Not just ignored, but the ball perfectly captured. 

Composition of Cast Spain: 1-Iker Casillas; 15-Sergio Ramos, 3-Gerard Pique, 5-Carles Puyol, 11-Joan Capdevila; 14-Xabi Alonso (Carlos Marchena ’90 +2), 8-Xavi, 6-Andres Iniesta , 16-Sergio Busquets; 9-Fernando Torres (Fernando Llorente ’59), 7-David Villa (Pedro Rodriguez, ’88).

After Spain dashed hopes Germany and the Netherlands finish off Uruguay, in the final round will face Spain against the Dutch. Team Orange Team Will matador and the New History of Printing.

Both countries had never won the trophy the previous PD. The Dutch had been runner up twice PD, namely 1974 and 1978 in the era of the triumph of Johan Cruyff in the style of his total football, but have lost each of Germany (West Germany then), and Argentina. 

As for Spain, their best performance before this was ranked as the fourth (semifinalists) in the PD in 1950 in Brazil. 

Spain scored a new history in the World Cup. This is Spain’s first final in history. Spain has also opened an opportunity to make history by becoming larger world champion for the first time. In the finals next July 11, Spain will face the Netherlands in the semis to get rid of Uruguay. 
Previously, the Netherlands reached the quarter-finals by beating Slovakia 2-1, the game was not convincing. Arjen Robben scored the opening, and an indication Bayern Munich winger has really ready to compete at the highest level. Johan Cruyff, Dutch soccer legend, criticized the Oranje bemain style. According to him, the Dutch lost a total of football and good football. 

Dutch star player: 

    * Arjen Robben: Holland winger is not so much play his role in the group. He was injured when lowered during the game against Slovakia, but can score goals. Robben is placed in the ranking of fifth in the Castrol Ranking. He will become the main weapon to face Brazil Netherlands. Van Marwijk did not need to hesitate to call him because Van Persie can play in every position up front. Dutch community anxiously awaits the injury recovery process. 

    * Giovanni van Bronckhorst – Feyenoord Rotterdam 
      Van Bronckhorst is often criticized because of the difficulty facing orthodox winger, but Bert van Marwijk will entrust the leadership team at hand. Gio full of experience and has played for Glasgow Rangers, Arsenal, and Barcelona. 

    * Joris Mathijsen – Hamburg SV 
      True central defender, so his position in the national team is very safe. Mathijsen continue to be attacked criticism since the debut for Oranje, but with Hamburg, he could become the main pillar of the team. Mathijsen slowly winning the hearts of observers Netherlands and is regarded as one of the best defender on the team. 

    * Mark van Bommel – Bayern Munich 
      After refusing to play under Marco van Basten is training after the World Cup in 2006, Van Bommel back so Van Marwijk, in-law, is in charge. Since then, the appearance of Van Bommel back stable. Bayern perceived importance of the role very well as the Dutch in South Africa later. 

    * Dirk Kuyt – Liverpool 
      Kuyt is a player all-around which makes it very useful for the Oranje. Players with high fighting spirit is often relied upon Liverpool. Van Marwijk was lucky to get a player with high spirit in the squad Kuyt. Dutch contribution to the players is very positive, that its position is assured. 

Players composition Netherlands: Maarten Stekelenburg, Khalid Boulahrouz, John Heitinga, Joris Mathijsen, Giovanni van Bronckhorst, Dirk Kuyt, Mark van Bommel, Wesley Sneijder, Academy de Zeeuw, Arjen Robben, Robin van Persie 

The New Champion is ……………… 

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