>Flower To My mother


A man was stopped at a flower shop to order a bunch of bouquets which will be bundled on the mother who live as far as 250 km away. Once out of his car, he saw a little girl standing on the sidewalk  street while sobbing. Men’s ask him why and was answered by a girl with small, “I want to buy a sprig of red roses for my mom. But I only have a five hundred only, while prices rose a thousand. “
The man smiled and said, “Come on participate, I’ll buy a flowers  to you. “Then he bought the little girl single red rose, as well order a wreath for sent to her mother. When finished and was about home, she offered to took the little girl home to home. The little girl jumped excitedly, he said, “Yes of course. Would you drove to where my mother? “

Then they both go to indicated where the little girl, namely public funeral, which then The little girl put a flower in a cemetery that is still wet. Seeing this, the man’s heart became touched and remembered. Rushing, he returned to the store flower earlier and cancel his order  He took the bouquet of flowers that he ordered and driving his own vehicle as far as 250 km to his mother’s house.


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  1. >saya pernah baca ini… tapi bahasa indonesia,,, memang, sesuatu yang bisa membuat "mata hati" kita terbuka bisa saja disampaikan oleh seorang anak kecil sekalipun…. ^^

  2. >Bunga yang indah sekali, memang terkadang mengingatkan kita kan suatu hal. apalagi seorang IBU, banyak hal yang kadang tak bisa terucap akan sosoknya.Artikel yang menarik sekali, semoga sukses selalu dan saya tunggu kunjungan anda di website saya.thx

  3. >Betapa indah cara Allah menyentuh hati manusia.Seandainya tak dihadirkan gadis kecil itu di hadapan pria itu, maka sang ibu hanya akan menerima paket bunga tanpa pelukan sayang dari anaknya.

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