>5 Ways To Solve a Conflict

>1. Forcing (Forcing). Individuals trying to force his opponent accept the proffered solution of the conflict. Personal objectives considered very important. They use all means to achieve its objectives. They do not care about the needs of and interests of others, and whether other people were receiving solution them or not. They consider the conflict can solved by one party wins and the other party lose. They achieved victory by attacking the road, destroying, and intimidate others.
2. Withdrawing (Pull Away). Individuals who use the strategy It believes that it is easier to withdraw (physically and psychological) of the conflict rather than deal with it. They tend to withdraw to avoid conflict. Good personal goals and relationships with others sacrificed. They stay away of issues that can lead to conflict as well as from just temporary the conflict with him.

3. Smoothing (softened). Individuals who use this strategy believes that maintaining relationships with people Another far more important than achieving goals personal. They want to be accepted and loved. They felt that conflicts should be avoided for the sake of harmony and that people do not
will be able to discuss the conflict without causing damage relationship. They fear that if the conflict continues, then the other person disappointed and this will cause damage to the relationship. Their
sacrificing personal goals for the sake of maintaining continuity relationship.

4. Compromising (Compromise). This strategy is used in individuals who good care of her own personal and relationships with others. They tried to compromise, to sacrifice their own goals and influence others to sacrifice some goals as well. They’re looking for solution of the conflict so that both parties are equally obtain advantage, solution midway between two extreme positions.

5. Confronting (Confrontation). Individuals with this type put very high attention to personal goals and continuity of relationships with others. They view conflicts as problems to be solved and solutions to conflicts must be own personal goals and purposes of others. Conflict is seen to increase relationship by reducing tensions between the two parties involved. With solutions that satisfy both sides, they try to maintain continuity of relationships with others. Their satisfaction if the solution found, can satisfy both their own and other people. Instead, they are not satisfied if the solution does not achieve goals and personal goals of others, as well as tensions and Feels
unresolved negative.


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