>Red Blood Rain In India/Hujan Darah yang heboh digoogle


Blood Rain video in India – It is the view of the existence of strange happenings in the Indian Blood Rain Video youtube, well if you have not seen rain events please enter the blood. Blood Rain in India is more narrowed in the town of Kerala India, is a natural phenomenon into perspective, if according to some sources. But because it has been entered into the national news and was broadcast by national television stations mivo will definitely become a public opinion. 

Here’s a quick explanation of the Blood Rain in India, Over 500 000 cubic meters of red rain water soaking into the earth. At first the scientists thought that only red rain water pollution was caused by desert sand, but the scientists discovered something surprising, element in the water blood red rain is a collection of millions of living cells, cells that did not come from the earth ! 

Blood rain fell in the first Kottayam and Idukki districts in the southern region of India. Not only red rain, exactly 10 days before the first reports of rain yellow, green and black rain ever. After 10 days of rainfall intensity was acting strange to subside until September. 

Rain water samples taken for blood to be immediately investigated by the Indian government and local scientists. One of India’s independent scientists who conducted the study called Godfrey Louis and Santosh Kumara from the University of Mahatma Gandhi. They have collected more than 120 reports from the local Indian population and to collect blood samples of rainwater from the areas along 100 km. It is not strange happenings, like the gossip Video Angels who also had horrendous us all.. That was happened in 2008 but recently be number one in google research in Indonesia that’s funny just believe or not

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