Very Bad , China Traffic Jam Until 9 days, up to 100 KM Cars Queue

Imagine if we stuck in traffic until many days, can be stressful. Viewing road congestion and chaos in Jakarta alone is stressful let alone imagine the traffic on the way up to one week more. Maybe this could be the most severe traffic jams in the world has ever seen. Imagine a row of vehicles stuck in traffic queues up to 100 km in length is more, well, it could stress if their natural weight. This is what happens on the highway access in and out of and into the city of Beijing China, which runs the toll road leading to Tibet began to feel very solid start on 14 August. Where rows of trucks began queuing long, plus another one of the triggers traffic jam due to road routine maintenance.
Hard to imagine when the driver and passengers of vehicles stuck in traffic wants to urinate, well so do not imagine how. Moreover, if a woman is not really very inconvenient to do so. It seems if you do not start to be overcome with good, bad traffic congestion is not impossible that this could happen in Jakarta, is not it buddy
Countless losses from a severe traffic jam like this, how much of a late shipment of cargo, the need of people who canceled, or shipment of goods which is rotten and damaged due to too long on the road. Though toll road conditions in China have been very good, much better than in the homeland but could still get stuck like this.


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