Malaysia refused To apologize to Indonesia

Malaysia refused to apologize to Indonesia regarding the arrest of three officers of Marine and Fisheries (DKP) in the “Incident August 13,” because they believed the incident occurred in Malaysian waters.

Malaysia would not have demanded an apology from the governments of Indonesia concerning the demonstration of burning flags and throwing feces at the front kedubesnya.

Thus according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Malaysia, Anifah Aman, related demands apology from some quarters in Indonesia regarding the incident. Earlier, the House of Representatives Commission I urge the Indonesian government to convey the demands apology from Singapore-related incident.

However, in a statement on a Malaysian mass media, Anifah asserted that the arrest occurred in Malaysia’s water territory so that the police had acted within the law when making arrests on 13 August.

He said that the Indonesian government wanted the mass action against the Democratic People’s Fortress (Flag). Section, has been harassing the symbol of their country by burning and trampling as well as throwing feces while demonstrating in front of the Malaysian Embassy in Jakarta, Monday, August 23, 2010.

“The improper conduct committed in Malaysia, we believe the action is not the approval of the Indonesian government. Another case if Jakarta to support this group (Flag), we will ask for an explanation, but that’s not the case, “said Anifah as quoted from the pages of The New Straits Times.

Anifah said that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and the entire cabinet convinced President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will handle this.

“The Indonesian government must take action on these groups,” he said, adding that he believed the Indonesian government will do what is right.

Regarding the suggestion about traveling (travel advisory) to Indonesia, Anifah insists he will not hesitate to remove it if the citizens of Malaysia threatened in Indonesia.

“It is my obligation to inform citizens of Malaysia regarding the incident that could jeopardize their.”

“Flag of our citizens want to clean out and send them home? This is an insult not only for Malaysia but also Indonesia because many people who do not approve of this action, “he said responding to the citizens of Malaysia’s sweeping plan by the mass of flag.


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