Video and Photo 4 Suns in China

4 Sun in China, well there are 4 sun come together in China. From one photo and video 4 sun  in China to . Back commotion with the spread of the Internet made news this phenomenon. Whereas previously there are plenty of strange news about the sun, no sun twin sun and tsunami.

Videos 4 solar in China is adding a collection of strange natural phenomena events. And many who argue that this is the Hour features soon. So this is it true that China appeared in the sky that is 4 the sun? See the first photo and video 4 four sun sun in China:

And Now Let us See in Video

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Agency (Lapan), 4 sun coming out in China it is common natural phenomenon. That is the usual light appears on the left and right sun halo. In light of astronomy was called Sun Dog or guard dog sun.

Genesis 4 sun in China is merely a refraction of sunlight by ice crystals caused by the condition of the upper layer of very cold cloud cyrus.

This is a natural phenomenon called sundogs or parhelion … where reflected sunlight to cloud ice making, such as “spread” and like sun. This event often occurs in the area of seasonal cold ..


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