>How to write a good Story


• Stage 1 : Planning
Get ideas, think about topic, discuss it with others, read about it. Then sequence your ideas.
• Stage 2 : Drafting
Write your  First version. You can make changes as you write.
• Stage 3 : Revising
Read through to see if your writing makes sense and that the main purpose of your story is clear. Delete unnecessary words, details or events. Read your story aloud to yourself and decide whether it sounds good or not. Check to see that the vocabulary is appropriate and the organization is clear and logical. Use the thesaurus
to help you select suitable vocabulary. You can also exchange and edit each other’s script.
• Stage 4 : Proof-reading
Check your spelling and punctuation. You can do this yourself or ask someone else.
• Stage 5 : Presentation
Write the  final version neatly. Present it attractively for your reader.
So now let’s write a great story

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