>Final score 0 – 3 Indonesia Vs Malaysia


We’ve seen how the Malayan tiger can slay Garuda Force 3-0 at the Bukit Jalil National Stadium Malaysia. A bitter defeat that we never expected before, because we’ve been complacent  by the euphoria of victory.

The attitude of Malaysian fans are not fair to target the faces of the Indonesian national team players with a laser beam lesatan turned into reality. Previously, the act of sportsmanship that can not benefit Malaysia’s national team is suspected as one cause of the defeat of Vietnam in the semi-final match against Malaysia.

Twitter users in Indonesia,  consider that cheating. In fact, so many who write tweets, the word ‘cheat’ trending topics into the world. Hashtag # malaysiacheatlaser entered the world in real-time trending topics.

Supporters of Malaysia is not sportsmanship. Since the initial round, green lasers continue to be directed into the face of goalkeeper Mark Harison to interfere with vision. When football corner to Malaysia performed at the ninth minute, immediately protested and referee Mark had put off a corner kick while.

The incident happened back in the second half. As Malaysia gets a free kick goal against Indonesia at the beginning of the second half, until the referee stopped the match in the 54th minute after a protest from the Indonesian national team coach. Indonesia also had a player walkout.

As a result of the incident laser beam, Indonesia lost concentration and momentum to victory in the second round. As a result, Firman Utina and his friends slaughtered by the host Malaysia 0-3 in AFF Cup final first leg, 2010, Sunday (26/12/2010).

Prior to the incident laser, Indonesia played a full discipline. “Team Red and White” is even capable scored first through shooting by Cristian Gonzalez during the second half just two minutes time. Unfortunately, the referee disallowed the goal because Gonzales was in an offside position.

All the momentum seemed to vanish after attack supporters of Malaysia Markus Horison shooting eye with a laser. The match had to be delayed for a few minutes and “Garuda” loss of momentum to attack the opponent.

Malaysia take advantage of this by turning the flow of the game. Attacks after attacks continue to be built until finally three goals lodged in wicket of Mark. Goals for Malaysia starting from the action Safee Mohd Bin Mohd Sali in the 60th minute utilizing feedback Norshahrul Idlan Bin Talahaoleh mature.

Hose eight minutes later, Mohamad Ashari Bin Samsudin increase the advantage Malayan tiger through a lightning kick. The third goal came from a header Safee Mohd Bin Mohd Sali  that free in the penalty box.

With this defeat the Red and White Team are required to win by a margin of four goals in the second leg to walk, on Wednesday (29/12/2010), in order to distort the situation and won the AFF Cup 2010.


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