>Attract Your Twitter followers to read your blog


Twitter as a micro-blogging platform enables us to leave a message to the community where tons of our followers are hanging out. With that being said, we have a chance to communicate with other interested people in a very unique way, answering the question: “What are you doing?” We only have 140 characters space to say what we want to say. So, it should be straightforward and concise.

Twitter could be smartly used as a an announcement tool. It should be considered as a platform where we start a conversation in Twitter and then let it be followed from a link to the main source. Imagine if you have 1000 followers

Let’s say, we have written an informative and promotional article on our blog. Now, we need to get people know about it. Twitter is one of the first places we should go and let our Followers know about the new published article. We could start with something like “Hey, I’m now reading this amazing article about…..” ,.

That way, we attract the Followers’ attention and have them visit the link which is ultimately our goal from using Twitter. That’s why we must know how to write an eye-catching message as brief as possible and that’s not easy.  Because I am not expert in SEO , now I try to get traffic form twitter ,

So Please Follow My Twitter    http://twitter.com/dachyar and make retweet vice versa

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