>May Children under thirteen use Mobile Phones?


In my opinion, children under thirteen are not allowed to own and use mobile phones at all cost. I think that mobile phones will not give any advantage for children.

There are possible health risks from using mobile phones. Because children’s brains are still developing, any possible damage to them is even more worrying than for adults. Some research suggests that the radio waves from mobile phones may harm people’s brains. It is true there is no total scientific proof about this, but it is better to play safe for children.Mobile phones make children less safe. They are carrying an expensive fashion item that makes them a target for criminals.

Mobile phones are inappropriate in schools. They take students’ attention away from their lessons and undermine discipline. Rules about having them turned off in lessons are impossible to enforce as students just put them in silent mode and secretly text or play games in the back of the class. There have been many cases of
students using mobiles to cheat in tests. Schools are for learning and anything which gets in the way of that should be banned

Mobile phones are a distraction from the real world, preventing children from
interacting with those around them. They also become fat and lazy, as phone use
crowds out healthy activity such as sport or playground games. What do you think about this?


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