Fire Hotspot in Sumatra

Forest fires and land in province of Riau. As a result, almost all of smog blanketed the Riau region. Climatology Meteorology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Pekanbaru said the latest data observed from NOAA 18, at least there are 50 hotspots were detected in all regions of Sumatra, including Riau.

Some areas in Riau that a subscription-fire, was found in Rokan Hilir district as many as five points, Pelalawan (3), Indragiri Hulu and Siak (respectively 2), and Dumai City (1).From the data BMKG, Riau is second largest contributor after the hotspots of South Sumatra Province which there are 15 points.
“To Riau noted there are 13 hot spots. Smog can dilhat clear in the morning, “said the staff BMKG Pekanbaru, Marzuki, the Legal, Friday (02/11/2011).The fog of smoke clearly visible in the morning until late afternoon cause also slow the movement of wind. So join the smoke haze. As a result of sunlight into the hard earth.

“Haze is a collection of dust particles with water. This is what caused the smoke grew thick. But in the daytime when the sun begins to heat, haze and smoke which gathered will be lost, “said Marzuki. BMKG states for a few days ahead of hotspots is expected to reemerge. This rainfall caused the next few days is very minimal. “We have an index of fire ignition in high levels,” he continued.

For that, BMKG appealed to companies and communities not burning forest and land for the burning not extensive


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