Makes yellow tooth is beam white

1. wood charcoal

actually also very effective to clean yellow stain in tooth, but this ingredient is dangerous because can botch email permanently and evoke ill taste in tooth. therefore, you best doesn’t try it.

2. lemon and salt

you can get sparkle white tooth by using pasta made from several juice drops lemon that mixed with a pinch cooking salt. application pasta to tooth and is scrubing softly is like when you are brushing tooth. this will help to cause the loss of rust stain in tooth surface.

3. peel

brush teeth by using part in peel. peel contains whitener element very soft, will help to cause the loss of rust stain in tooth without endanger tooth email layer.

4. greetings leaf

take six sheets of greetings leaf, then sit in the sun be sun up to mengering and crispy. attenuate sixth greetings leaf sheet, afterwards add powder peel. scrub this mixture to tooth every day, so undoubtedly in your two week will get natural white tooth.

5. stoberi

stroberi not merely delicious fruit to enjoyed. besides rich vitamin c, stroberi also known has merit to clean tooth. although likely sweet, stroberi not dangerous for tooth well-being. on the contrary, this fruit exactly can help to cause the loss of rust stain in tooth and make it to be sparkle white.

6. eiders and white vinegar

apple juice and white vinegar also very effective cause the loss of rust stain in tooth, because both contain whitener element that help to cause the loss of stain swiftly. but second this ingredient is in character stringent, so that use daily will evoke damage in email layer. besides, likely also very bitter.


Simple Tips To Prevent Bad Breath During Fasting

Bad breath can also be caused by systemic diseases such as liver, stomach, respiratory tract and acute kidney. While the causes of dental disease and mouth fresh breath of them cavities, gingivitis, gingivitis because of tartar, and periodontitis. Actually, bad breath when running fast does not need to worry. Consider some simple tips to prevent bad breath during fasting, as quoted from holisticcare-dentalclinic.

1. Maintaining healthy teeth and mouth with brushing teeth and tongue properly. Clean between teeth with dental floss. If using a liquid mouthwash, do not use liquids with alcohol content above 25 percent for oral cavity cancer risk trigger. 

2. Check into your dentist at least six months. When you have time, do dental spa twice a month to maintain dental health. 

3. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol because it affects the status of oral hygiene exacerbate that trigger the occurrence of gingivitis and periodontitis. Alcohol reduces the production of saliva, which will aggravate bad breath. 

4. Expand the consumption of fruits such as apples mouth odor repellent, yam and carrots. Green tea catechins containing active ingredients that can remove plaque, lower blood glucose, and kill bacteria that cause bad breath. Drink 2-5 cups of green tea a day.

5. Cheese is low in carbohydrates, high in calcium and contain phosphates, can strengthen tooth enamel, increased saliva production and reduce tartar growth. 

6. Expand the consumption of at least one liter of water or eight glasses a day for breaking the fast until dawn. This is to maintain water balance in the body. 

7.Eat  probiotic foods like yogurt that maintain digestive and inhibit bad breath

Take Care With Your Body

Many ways can be done to produce the appearance of selfstay healthy and beautiful, that is by maintaining physical health, mental health, and to conduct regular and body treatments true. Traditional body treatments can be done with
perform daily maintenance, weekly maintenance and care particular, which has many functions and benefits of good order preserved body of health and beauty.
Daily treatment is with a bath every day, which serves to rid the body of all dirt and dust. Weekly maintenance can be done by doing massage , scrubs and bath (shower and spices). Massage serves to facilitate blood circulation and can soften skin. Treatment with a scrub function to clear the skin and eliminate itching, bath (shower spices)
can provide a sense of fresh and eliminate body odor.
Special care to treatment of breast and regional specifically feminine, serves to maintain breast health and specific areas of womanhood. Along with the development of the world of beauty, the way body treatment not only be done by itself. Current treatments, both traditional and modern can be done in the Beauty Salon. In the beauty salon is available a variety of specialized tools for the body and skin care have purposes in accordance with the functions and benefits of each.